Parish Council Committees, Working Parties and Representatives

Personnel Committee
Cllrs Ellis (Chair), Band, Lavender and Weale 

Planning Committee
Cllr Crouch (Chair), All Councillors

Risk & Audit Committee
Cllrs Band (Chair), Crouch, Howard and Shutes 

Wonersh Playground Coordinators
Cllrs Crouch, Ellis, Lavender and Shutes

Shamley Green Playground Coordinators
Cllrs Band, Howard and Weale

Commons Working Party
Cllrs Band, Howard and Shutes

Footpath and Bridleway Volunteer Coordinator
Cllr Weale

Blackheath Community Traffic Calming Working Party
Awaiting co-option of Councillor for Blackheath

Shamley GreenTraffic Calming Working Party
Cllr Weale

Longacre School Traffic Management Consultation Committee
Cllr Band

Vision for Wonersh Working Party
Cllr Crouch

Shamley Green Community Room Working Party
Cllrs Band (Chair), Howard and Weale

Emergency Planning Working Party
Cllr Weale

Wonersh United Charities: Parish Council Trustees
  Cllr Weale, Reverend Sally Davies, Karen Munday, Rachel Holmes, Diane Savage, Louise Healy, Penny Hodgson,   Tara Alner, Lady Kirkwood

Surrey and Sussex Association of Local Councils
Cllr Weale, Clerk

Waverley Borough Council: Joint meeting with Town & Parish Councils
All Councillors

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