Get involved
Many people in Wonersh, Blackheath and Shamley Green get involved in local events, clubs, societies and community projects. It is a great way to help improve life in our villages, meet new people and get the satisfaction of making a difference. 

Become a Parish Councilor
Parish Councillors have an opportunity to make a real difference to their community, at a small cost in time and effort.  Have you considered becoming a Parish Councillor?  It may be easier and more rewarding than you think. Here is some background information you might find interesting.​

Wonersh Traffic Group
Speeding traffic in our villages is one of the major concerns of residents. Wonersh has a long-standing Traffic Calming Working Party that works with the police and local councils to investigate ways to reduce speeds and make local roads safer. There is an on-going Speedwatch scheme under which trained residents periodically monitor traffic speeds with a radar gun. If you would like to volunteer to participate please contact Glyn Powell-Evans st Projects that have been completed include erection of new village gateway signs, installation of a vehicle activated speed sign on Wonersh Common Road, textured road markings on entrances to the village, build-out of the kerb at the Grantley Arms, and removal of The Street as a suitable route on commercial satellite navigation systems. If you have any comments or suggestions to make on the activities of the working party, please contact Richard Bawden at

Playground Committee 
We have excellent playground facilities on the Common in Wonersh and at Lords Hill in Shamley Green. Most of the equipment on these playgrounds has been purchased as the result of fund raising activities in the 2 villages. The children of many of the playground committee members are now too old to use the equipment. We are looking for new committee members, especially parents of children who regularly use the playgrounds.
If you would like to get involved please telephone Louise Healy on 898539 or e-mail her at

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